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For 30 years, ARCON-in d.o.o. Zenica has served as a committed and dependable partner in the construction industry. As a privately-owned business within the small to medium enterprise category, our expertise spans engineering, consulting, and the design and execution of construction projects. Our services include the delivery of turnkey and basic shell (roh-bau) projects, alongside the reconstruction, adaptation, and extension of various facilities such as commercial, industrial, business, public, religious, residential, and leisure properties.

We serve a broad spectrum of clients, from legal entities to individuals, with a portfolio that includes prestigious projects for the American Embassy in Sarajevo, SFOR HQ Sarajevo, ZE-DO Canton, Municipality of Zenica, Constitutional Court of BiH, Faculty of Medicine in Sarajevo, JP "BH Telecom", JP "Elektroprivreda BiH", JP "Tržnica" Zenica, "Metalno" Zenica, KPZ ZT Zenica, JU "Employment Service ZE-Do Canton" and Association "Humanost-Societas Humanitatis" Zenica, among others. Detailed information on selected projects can be found on our website.

Our history of constructing new buildings and adapting existing ones showcases our capability and readiness to handle diverse construction activities professionally. We utilize both traditional and modern construction techniques, ensuring the quality of our work meets the highest standards.

Our team is comprised of experienced engineers and highly skilled workers, supported by a management and administrative team that excels in organizing and coordinating construction projects efficiently. We are known for our cooperative approach and flexibility, traits that have been recognized and valued by our clients. If needed, we augment our core team with additional skilled personnel and a range of subcontractors, meticulously selected for their quality and expertise, to meet the specific demands of each project.

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